We are a hockey family and understand the importance and cost of ice time and design our sessions to minimize ice use.  In fact, we do not use ice for individual portraits and genarlly utilize less than 5 minutes of ice for a team photo.  

For your convenience, we typically set up  an hour prior to a team practice and shoot individuals as the players exit the locker room.  We ask that no dry-land occur prior to ice on photo day to minimize sweaty red faces.  We shoot all the individual photos in the corner of the rink and shoot the team photo on the ice after the zam finishes resurfacing.

We are fully insured and completely battery powered so no dangerous power cords to mix with ice and sharp metal skate blades!


To prepare for your hockey photo, make sure your jerseys and breezer covers have been cleaned and pressed.  Do not wear neck guards or bright off color under shirts, and stay away from the turtle necks if possible. Please fix your hair and make sure it is dry before we shoot.  I recommend white tape on the handle of your stick and black on the blade if possible. (looks better with our lighting)

We have simplified our order form this season based on the most popular packages from the past and by popular demand have added digital download options.  We do require all orders be placed the day of the photo shoot.  Only photos that have been ordered on photo day are put online for additional orders at a higher price with additional shipping charges after the session.  All other photos are discarded.

We stream our photos to an iPad live at our sessions so that you can see and choose your poses before making your choices.  If you are unable to be at the session, your team manager or child will choose.

We will have the finished prints to your team manager within 5 weeks of your session.  

Please note:Our style is a little more edgy than traditional volume sports work.  Heavy contrast between light and shadow is our preference if the environment will support it but if that is not the look you like...we can address it at the photo session.  If that is not your thing...please let the photographer know before he shoots so he can add some additional light.

Team Managers, please fill out the Team Information Spreadsheet to request your date.  If it doesn't open correctly right click and save as to save to your hard drive, fill it out and email it back to us and we will get back to you with availability.  Please note this is a Drop Box link and some corporate networks block access, please contact if you need it emailed or if you have any issues editing Excel files.  We will not confirm a date until this form is completed. 


We also have a limited number of Private Sessions available during the season for our popular Locker Room "Sportrait" Fine Art Images and can occasionally do them prior to your session with plenty of notice. There is a lot of planning with access, lighting and an additional assistant that is required and can only do this if we have no other sessions prior and we have permissions to access the empty locker room.  You can also schedule a private session at our home studio in Plano where we have installed a set of lockers to do these anytime!  You can see samples of our framed metals, hand painted fine art canvas and acrylics in our viewing room.  $150 deposit is required to confirm private sessions.

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