About - Ken Hatley

Creating an Image that will Capture Your Intention

My Promise: I will capture your vision. I will always meet your expectations and will usually surpass them.

My bio: My first camera was a Polaroid Instamatic. I recall spending a great deal of my younger years begging my Mom to buy me more of those single use flash bulbs!

My next photographic step was in high school in 1988 when I got my first film SLR and had an instructor that pushed me to enter competitions and follow my creativity.  I fell in love with  black and white film and scoured books on Ansel Adams and spent every spec of free time I could get in the dark room.  My interest turned to motion and decided I wanted to be cinematographer where my photographic journey was put on hold when I went to study Radio, Television and Film in 1990.

I fell in love with the advancing technology of computers in college and before finishing, I took a sales job selling computer training.  After a short stint in sales, I decided I wanted to take the classes myself and put myself through a certification program at SMU and took a job as a network engineer soon thereafter.

With the advent of digital photography, I could merge my two passions and purchased me first Digital Camera in 1999.  I spent several years shooting and upgrading technologies as they were released and my business took off in 2009 covering the USA Hockey National Championships.  I jumped in head first covering action sports but have since evolved to shooting team and individuals for sports teams, specializing in seniors with a little commercial work.  I still love shooting action but do it primarily for my kids and individual commissions. 

I have three hockey players, Johnathan, 21 just aged out of Junior Hockey and will be assisting me at many of my sports and private sessions while going to school.  Devon 8 and Trevor 11 are playing mite and peewee hockey for the Warriors this season.

From weddings to architecture, I have shot just about every type of subject there is...if I have time, I will shoot it!  If I don't have time I can probably help you find someone who does.  Shoot me a note and let me know what you are looking for.

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